Online Letter to Editor Sent to Goulburn Post
Submitted Sept 15, 2011

The members of the North Goulburn Action Group would like to let you know that we have a website presenting our concerns about the proposed waste processing facility on the banks of the Mulwaree river.

The site is


We would also like to bring it to the Post's attention that the original articles on the Divall/Denrith DA as well as all related letters to the editor are no longer found with the SEARCH option on the Post website.


Sept 29 Correction. We finally realized you have to change the dates if you want to search articles older than 30 days. When we did this, we found the older articles


For example, when searching "Denrith" only a recent article was found, and this was lead by the story of the chemist.

The Denrith DA was not mentioned till the 4th paragraph.

We also would like to let people know that we have started a petition and we submitted a press release to the Post detailing our collection of approximately 200 signatures at the September market in Belmore park, yet no mention of our petition has so far been reported in the Post.

Our polls of the Goulburn community show that over 90% are opposed to the proposed location on the river bank.

We would ask that the Post give this more coverage, and, in particular, post a map or graphic showing the exact location of the proposed waste and recycling centre.

We have found that approximately 90% of the people polled were not aware of this location.

Also, it should be noted that there are no articles about this DA on the Council Website. Only the DA itself is found. There are no articles, no polls, no discussion, no submissions.

Unless one is specifically looking for the DA, it will remain buried within the site.

As this is a matter of substantial community concern, we believe the public needs to be better informed and listened to.



Here is a link to our map